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Employment Growth In General Aviation

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Employment Growth In General Aviation

General Aviation market in India is expected to grow at 10% per annum to cross Rs. 1,600 crores by FY-17. Industry sources indicate that around 300 business jets, 300 small aircrafts and 250 helicopters are expected to be added in the current GA fleet by FY-17. A total investment of more than Rs 20,000 crores in General Aviation is expected during the 12th Plan period.

Even with the high growth prediction, the supply of available skilled manpower has not been able to match the requirement. With passengers and aircraft fleet likely to triple by 2025, the need to augment the skilled manpower supply is immediate.

  • Manpower requirement (direct, indirect and induced) of airlines is estimated to increase to 117,000 by 2017. 
  • Requirement for Pilots is expected to double from 4500 Indian + 400 expatriates, to be 9,000 pilots by 2017.
  • Manpower requirement (including ANS) for the airports is estimated to increase from current 20,000 to 26,000-30,000 by FY 2017.

Estimatedmanpower requirement for Indian aviation sector

* Other Staff includes ground handling staff, administrative staff and sales & marketing staff in airline industry

Source: KPMG analysis, data from AAI/ airlines/airports, annual reports, manpower/aircraft ratio from ICAO


Requirement for Air Traffic Control Officers is still short by around 350-400.  Given the unique nature of this service – zero tolerance for error and high levels of technical skills requirement


In addition, aviation industry is typically estimated to generate indirect and induced employment of nearly six times the direct employment. With direct employment across airports and airlines to be around 150,000 by FY-17, the aviation sector in India is expected to provide an indirect and induced employment to around 1 million people by FY-17.




Ministry of Civil Aviation - Working group report on CivilAviation Sector published in June 2012

Airports Economic Regulatory Authority, Government of India

Airport Authority of India

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Arindam Prasad Banerjee says...

Aviation sector is a growing sector in indian economy and large number of job oppurtunities is create within 2020.


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