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Visual CV

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When Da Vinci created the first resume marketing him in 1482, it was a fad back then. The concept of a resume was not in practice way then. The first ever resume listed his capabilities in a letter, and the journey of the resume thus began. Though the resume has evolved during 500 odd years, there is more ground to be covered

On an average a job opening attracts approximately 200 odd resumes. Out of 200 applications received only 5% of resumes are selected and job is offered to one candidate.  Out of 200 applications received, chances of offer is only either one or two. Presenting the professional and Individual’s information to the recruiters is crucial. 

Thanks to professional networking websites like Linkedin, now you can apply for a job at the press of a submit button and your resume reaches the recruiters and hiring managers directly.   Though the turnout of resumes for each requirement is commendable, the recruiters opine that more than 50% of resumes turn out to be dud.  Either the job requirement is not met, or the ones with required skill sets do not market themselves in the right way, posing them as ugly ducklings.

To land into the right job, you will not only have to acquire right qualification, skill set but a fad resume too, which is relevant in today’s times.  The one pager which you carry should highlight your skill set, your capabilities and attitude to be unique and lead others to believe in your ideas.

Now that you have the patience to read the entire written story, the recruiters will not. your resume will find the bin sooner than you can anticipate if it is just printed text.

To highlight your USP choose a resume writing method as unique as you.  Your resume will speak your mind.  Visual CV is the way to go.

Some tips for you to create your visual CV

  1. Bring out the creativity in you;
  2. All text resumes can be interpreted wrongly by the recruiters, a well researched document says.  Use a CV builder to jazz it up with career graphs, videos mentioning your achievements and all the right indicators
  3. Your Visual CV must be loaded with key words
  4. Acquire yourself a resume which is accomplishment driven
  5. Tailor your resume to suite each recruiters requirement
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