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Let’s Live The Dream Our Ancestors Had For The Country

Today is the 69th INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Let’s not restrain ourselves in celebrating our Independence only at school premises and public offices. It should not be the ONLY day to show our patriotism by merely showing off the tricolor badge on our chest.  Let’s live the dream our ancestors had for the country.  Let’s understand the great struggle each of them underwent so that we can live in independence.  Let us remember our leaders, understand their thought process and let us give it to them by realizing their dreams for our country.

Let’s contribute in whatever field we choose and make India a shining name in the international galore.  It cannot be achieved by an individual.  It just does not end after we elect our leaders and forget about the happenings.  Let us join hands in making our country, a dream country to live.  Let us build the best infrastructure, best environment for businesses to flourish, best manpower and the investors will be left with no choice to go anywhere else.  Let us acquire good education, best skills for workmanship, positive attitude and incredible ways to connect things.  

With 1.27 billion population, let us vouch to do the best in Science, Economy, Invention, Sports, Education, and Manufacturing.  Let us not reduce ourselves to the extent of not getting to know our leaders or their vision for our great country.

Let’s be the best country in the world.  

Happy Independence Day!

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